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In Love with Love

Love comes in different forms and neither it, nor Prince Charming, will be like anything you expected. He won’t sweep you away from all your problems and he will not show up in your backyard promising constant happiness and everything you heart desires. He will most likely not have a horse or a prestigious family lineage, and finding him will require heartbreaking trial and errors; but, he will love you endlessly.

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To Those I've Hurt Before

I’m sorry for losing sleep. I’m sorry for never being able to sleep. I am sorry for blaming you for normal emotions. I’m sorry for believing what everyone said about me. I’m sorry for not sticking up for my feelings. I’m sorry for continuously putting you in toxic circumstances. I’m sorry for forgetting or ignoring your thoughts. I’m sorry for thinking you are disgusting.

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Self-Growth Is Not Comfortable, But Don’t Be Held Back

For me, I was familiar with certain sets of attraction and relationship patterns that were ultimately self-destructive. Allowing myself the freedom to be independent and to choose those who are best for me felt weird. Sometimes people default back to familiar destructive patterns because they feel more safe and comfortable with them, but that’s simply a trick of the mind.

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