OPENLY DISCUSSING AND PRIORITIZING MENTAL HEALTH through writing at the university of michigan


1. Educate the Michigan community about mental health and what it really means to be affected by a mental illness.

2. Encourage discussions about mental health in society and among different communities.

3. Instigate changes in society and at Michigan, such as how people view mental health, how it is talked about, how people treat others who are struggling, and how they address their own mental health and that of the people around them.

4. Inspire people afflicted with mental health struggles to talk about their experiences by showing they are not alone in their struggles and that other people can relate.

5. Inform students about the many mental health happenings on campus.

6. Provide a platform where students can come together to discuss and voice their opinions about mental health to the rest of the Michigan community.

7. Promote the common interests of the many campus organizations devoted to mental health.