Photo Friday #27

I’ve learned to have a greater appreciation of ‘moments’, of instances that are pleasantly unplanned, unexpected, and magical. ‘Moments’ are rare and pure occurrences of unaltered life; ‘moments’ are not staged. A ‘moment’ is often a happy accident, much like this view from an early morning hike, and is a reminder to appreciate what is right in front of you and to be present in the present.

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Photo Friday #26

When life gets too chaotic and I feel overwhelmed by school work, managing my social life, figuring out my future, and keeping my mental and physical health under control, I simply take a step back and treat myself with something simple and easy. Today was a hot cocoa day.

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Photo Friday #21

Many times I have been asked by my therapist what might be ways to help relieve stress or take my mind away from obsessive thoughts. For me, this question seems easy to dismiss, yet I always struggle to come up with an answer. In truth, it’s one of the most meaningful questions I’ve been asked.

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