Addicted to Juuling

Little did my parents know, I have had a juul since junior year of high school. I became so dependent on it that I would go to the bathroom between practically every class and hit it. I didn’t even even feel the effects of the juul anymore since I would use it so much; it simply became a comfort thing.

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A Lifeline: Reflections from a Suicide Hotline Responder

Far and away the most interesting aspect of working on a suicide hotline is the stories we hear. I wish badly to share them with you; it would be the easiest way for you to understand what the hotline is like. Besides, if I were the one reading this article, I’d want to hear those stories, especially if when you hear “suicide hotline,” you picture what I first did: tense middle-of-the-night calls talking people down from the edge.

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Monday Mornings

What we do right after getting up in the morning shapes how we think, feel and act the rest of the day. It is well worth thinking about how to spend those first few hours of the day.

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