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To Those I've Hurt Before

I’m sorry for losing sleep. I’m sorry for never being able to sleep. I am sorry for blaming you for normal emotions. I’m sorry for believing what everyone said about me. I’m sorry for not sticking up for my feelings. I’m sorry for continuously putting you in toxic circumstances. I’m sorry for forgetting or ignoring your thoughts. I’m sorry for thinking you are disgusting.

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A Lifeline: Reflections from a Suicide Hotline Responder

Far and away the most interesting aspect of working on a suicide hotline is the stories we hear. I wish badly to share them with you; it would be the easiest way for you to understand what the hotline is like. Besides, if I were the one reading this article, I’d want to hear those stories, especially if when you hear “suicide hotline,” you picture what I first did: tense middle-of-the-night calls talking people down from the edge.

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I Don't See Much At Night

There’s so much in this world that I’m waiting to see. I want to get my own apartment, one with big windows and a small dog. I want to live with someone that I love, not someone I start out loving because I’m supposed to, but someone whom I fall in love with, someone who was a stranger until they weren’t anymore. I want to someday change the world, as impossible as it is.

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