What Makes You Feel Confident?

For National Eating Disorder Awareness week, Mentality’s staff is sharing what makes us feel great about our bodies.

Clothes that make me feel confident and allow me to express myself -Sara Cooper

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 10.03.33 AM.png

Spending a night doing self-care -Sierra Daniels

Getting a haircut -Amelia Cacchione

Being around people who say nice things about themselves -Kaylina Savela

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When I’m alone and whisper positive things to myself -Jennie Wang

A bold lipstick color -Anna Learis

When I curl my hair -Mary Kate Kemp

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Symbolic self-love rituals -Alaina Schallwig

Wearing clothes that compliment my body -Liz Hoornstra

Painting my nails a fun color -Jenie Li

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Wearing sneakers, a leather jacket, and a beanie -Asavari Awasthi

When I make an effort to work out and feel proud of myself afterwards -Anonymous