What I Wish You Knew

We asked some of the Mentality staff what they wish more people knew about them and why. Below are their responses.

I wish more people knew that I was a Type 1 Diabetic. I don't think that I tell more people that I am diabetic because I still have this fear from when I was younger that people will see me differently and won't want to be friends with me anymore.

-Sydney Kim

I wish more people knew what I was like in high school. I've come really far to be the person I am in college, and I am proud of that. In high school, I never would've talked about mental health. I was completely focused on school, and basically had no friends besides a few fellow nerds I talked to in class. I never really pushed myself to try new things or have fun, which meant I spent a lot of time alone in my room. Now I'm far more social, and open to talking to friends about anything and everything.

-Amelia Cacchione

I wish that more people knew I’m an assault survivor. It’s greatly influenced who I am and the decisions that I make today, but I’m barely comfortable discussing it with my therapist, let alone my friends and family.


I wish that people knew what I am like around my friends from home, since it's an atmosphere that I'm more comfortable in. I don't tell most people because I feel pressure to fit in with the people around me at school and have trouble being vulnerable with newer friends.

-Devin Ablow

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 6.23.19 PM.png

I wish that people were aware that I’m working to improve my anxiety—I haven’t told people because it’s scary to be vulnerable and tell people about my mental illness.

-Rachel Arone

I have struggled with both anxiety and depression for 4.5 years... It can be really hard sometimes being an outwardly friendly, positive, and optimistic person who truly has a lot going on beneath the surface. There are just times that my happiness takes a fast and confusing turn when an obstacle gets in my way. I wish people knew about this because it's so easy for us to assume others are better off than ourselves, when, really, we don't have the big picture. I haven't told the entire world, but have begun to open up through the recent creation of my instagram account @lilredwarrior, so progress!

-Brooke Erlich

People perceive me as serious which I kind of am but I think it is mistaken as mature. I wish more people didn’t make this assumption.

-Erika Yang

The fact that though I'm happy and cheerful most of the time, there are still times when I get lonely and crave to be with others. I don't say anything out of fear that they still won't care even after I do tell them.

-Jennie Wang