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Lady Gaga: Part 3

Lady Gaga became the face for mental illness at the 2019 Grammys with her inspiring and emotionally raw speech that took a twist, both literally and figuratively, on the hearts of the millions who connected with her message. Upon receiving the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for her duet “Shallow” with Bradley Cooper, Gaga quickly moved past the typical statements of appreciation to God, her family, costars, and industry personnel to a reflective statement regarding the film that produced “Shallow.”

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Kirsten Vangsness

Delving into our favorite celebrities’ lives via social media is a guilty pleasure many of us share. A glimpe into the private lives of idols through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat is what many of us crave. And celebrities know this – there is no greater marketing method than the scandals and drama cultivated and selectively released via the worldwide web.

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Anthony Bourdain

The archetype of fortitude, Anthony Bourdain presented an image to the world of a worldly traveler and culinary expert who could quite literally do and see it all. Characterized by impishly curly hair, fading arm tattoos, and an unapologetically urbane style, Bourdain looked like the type of man who experienced the reality of the world in every ounce of his being.

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