Kim Kardashian

Despite your opinion of her, Kim Kardashian West has been all over most media ever since her infamous video with Ray J came out. Since then, she’s catapulted into the media’s eye using the reality television show that follows her family’s life, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK). After being in relationships with many famous icons, such as Nick Lachey and Kris Humphries, Kim settled down with current husband Kanye West, giving birth to both a daughter and son. More recently, she was robbed.

Kim was relaxing in France, attending the famous Paris Fashion Week, when the armed robbery took place. The assailants held the receptionist at gunpoint, threatening the hotel employee to open the Kim’s penthouse. Once inside, they bound the female starlet’s wrists and ankles, taped her mouth shut, and kept her inside the suite’s bathtub. Meanwhile, they stole her expensive ring and her jewelry box - estimated to be $5.6 million. Fortunately, the starlet was not harmed physically. (Kim Kardashian West Biography)

Soon after the incident, Kim silenced herself from social media and steered clear from public appearances. Slowly, she began re-immersing herself back into the spotlight. Of course, Kim’s suffering from her incident doesn’t stop the paparazzi from stealing ugly snapshots of her.

According to a DailyMail article, Kim allowed the KUWTK crew to film herself experiencing an anxiety attack. While on vacation in Mexico with her sisters, some unflattering pictures of the starlet in a bikini surfaced on her cell phone. There is footage of her crying in disbelief and returning to a private room when her sisters tried to console her. While on the phone with friend and owner of Mexico home, Joe Francis, Kim expresses anxiety due to the robbery in Paris. She states that she’s constantly paranoid of her surroundings, deciding to fly out four more members of security to Mexico for her peace of mind. Unfortunately, she ends up leaving Mexico early and not enjoying her time there.

On a more recent episode of KUWTK, Kim explains the negative effects that being a starlet has caused her mentally. In this article, she explains that the excessive negative comments and hateful words about her image have possibly caused her to develop body dysmorphia. Although it is unclear if she is actually experiencing this serious mental disorder or not, it is clear that body dysmorphia is a real problem. The mental health condition is characterized by obsession “of imaged defects in one’s appearance.”

Hearing somebody as beautiful and seemingly perfect as Kim even mention the possibility of having a body image mental condition, as well as anxiety attacks, truly shows that these conditions are seriously prevalent in today’s world. Although Kim Kardashian has been in the spotlight for most of her life, she is now being more affected by it than ever.