Demi Lovato: Part 2

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Demi Lovato has been in the public eye for the majority of her life. She has shown strength not only in battling with her own mental health conditions, but also using her platform to share these struggles in the hopes of helping make others’ experiences better than her own.

She has opened up about her battles with self harm, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and addiction. After entering rehab for the first time in 2010 where she was treated for an eating disorder, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and eventually sought treatment for substance abuse, Demi made significant strides in her recovery, but she has not been shy in discussing that her mental health is something that is an everyday fight for her. In March of 2018, Demi celebrated six years of sobriety. But a couple of months later, in June, she released a vulnerable song called “Sober,” sharing with her fans that she had relapsed. Two months later, in August, it was reported that Demi had been hospitalized due to a drug overdose.

This news came as a shock to many, reminding us that mental health conditions, including addiction, are often a life-long battle. Very quickly after this news broke out, Demi took to Instagram to release a public statement where she explained that “this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time,” and that it is “something [she] must continue to overcome, but has not done yet.” While dealing with her relapse and all of the judgment and opinions of the public, she has chosen to use her platform to be vulnerable, share her story and inspire others.

At the end of her statement, she mentions that she needs time to just heal and focus on her sobriety and her recovery. To meet this goal Demi Lovato entered rehab after being released from the hospital where she still is currently seeking treatment and focusing on her well-being. She continues to be transparent with her audience to inspire through her actions. Demi continues to fight and share her story, reminding us that we never know what someone is going through, that mental health conditions are a daily battle, and that we are never alone. As she fights her own battles, Demi chooses to use her story and voice to keep helping others.