Rising Like a Skyscraper

Do you have to make me feel like

There's nothing left of me?

Demi Lovato was thrust in the spotlight at a young age, starring on Disney Channel before pursuing her current career as a pop singer. Of course, this publicity has been a double-edged sword. Before becoming an advocate for mental health and using her platform to reach out to others, Demi was another teenager struggling to find help.

Like I'm made of glass

Like I'm made of paper

Once Demi’s mental health struggles became public, she came out and was open in talking about her experiences with self-harm, eating disorders, and bipolar disorder. Even today, she still continues to reach out to her 42.1 million Twitter followers with inspirational messages.

In her album Unbroken, she spoke candidly about her battles. While on tour with the Jonas Brothers at 18, Demi decided to leave to pursue help in rehab. Instead of fighting through problems that were beginning to take over her life, she took time off to focus on herself so she could come back even stronger. Demi later spoke on her mentality entering rehab, saying, “so I thought, you know, I can use this to help others. And that's what I did."

Go on and try to tear me down

I will be rising from the ground

Demi has become an outspoken advocate for mental health. She’s given countless interviews about her own experiences being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, to which Demi said “getting the diagnosis kind of explained why I would act out.” Demi is very much an advocate for seeing out help for mental health disorders. She’s partnered with Be Vocal: Stand Up for Mental Health, an organization that aims to accurately portray and represent mental health through telling stories and sharing photographs of people with a variety of mental illnesses. She’s also given lots of interviews on the topic of mental health, encouraging fans to put themselves first and seek out help if they need it. Demi speaks out because “only by speaking up together can we advance mental health in America.”

Yeah, it's a long way down

But I am closer to the clouds up here

- Skyscraper, Demi Lovato