The Peer Body Project

The peer based-model has been implemented at universities across the United States and the world, and now has come to the University of Michigan. Over the course of two days, six students and seven psychologists from the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) came together to work with a certified Body Project trainer to learn how to implement and facilitate groups.

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Head Talks

Head Talks, occurring Monday, October 9th at 7pm,  is a one and a half hour Ted Talk-inspired event organized and created by Ross student Sarah Wood, bringing in influential leaders and joy soldiers that have done rewarding work in the field of mindfulness, mental health, and positive psychology.

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Founder of To Write Love, Jamie Tworkowski on Life

I had the pleasure of seeing Jamie on his book tour for his book “If You Feel Too Much.” The book is a collection of stories about life, loss, and the unbelievable experiences that add color to our world, like meeting Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter and visiting survivors of Hurricane Katrina. I asked him for his insight as a leader in mental health awareness about growing up, expectations, and becoming who you want to be.

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Evie WallaceComment
13 Reasons Why

The show 13 Reasons Why recently premiered on Netflix, and has been getting a ton of attention lately. Why? I’ll start with this - it’s emotional, incredibly graphic, and hard to watch. It is not a “feel good” type of show. There is no real resolution or happy ending. And, it has come under very heavy criticism for being emotionally triggering to viewers.

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Alex EastmanComment
Body Image in the Media

Looking around today, it’s nearly impossible to avoid images of seemingly perfect people everywhere. These ideals are usually representative of only a small portion of the population, but the media’s portrayal causes people to believe that everyone fits that image.

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