How to Rock The Semester

Start out organized. Get a planner and put in big dates for the semester - project deadlines, exams, etc. It'll get you to go through your syllabi and think about how to plan before crunch time! -Amelia Cacchione

To me, getting enough sleep is crucial. No matter how much work you think you have to cram, being well rested for the next day will pay dividends in terms of staying on top of your workload. -Malay Mody

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Take school seriously, but make time for your friends and overall social life. School can be rough and hanging out with friends is what keeps me going. -Bekah Cone

Don't try to do everything in one day. Get ahead when you can, so you don't overwhelm yourself other days. -Jenie Li

Make a homework playlist! If you like listening to music while you work, a playlist will give you some incentive to getting started on that pile of calculus homework. -Neema Prakash

Don't be afraid of talking to new people. We're all in this together! -Anna Dang

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Approach new things with an open mind, and stay positive! You never know when you're going to find your new favorite thing, whether that's a club or a class or a study spot -Rachel Arone

Stay on top of classes! Even if you miss one, try to make up the material as soon as possible. Once you get in the cycle of constantly being a step behind, you’re going to suffer when it all catches up to you during exam time. -Lydia Kudret

Use the resources that your professors provide; they’re there for a reason! -Ellie Olds

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