Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is as near to visual perfection as one can possibly be. He has a face made for the screen and a bank account that reflects these screen experiences. He has a mansion in the hills in addition to homes in France, New Orleans, and New York City- but not all is perfect in the life of Pitt. In an interview with GQ, Pitt opened up about the current state of his life after a painful divorce and shows us that no amount of money, fame, or beauty, can make life easier when struggling with your mental health.

The things that make Pitt happy now are simple things, things we all have access too. For example, Pitt says he’s been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean. Pitt enjoys Ocean’s raw truth- his music is relatable and makes us feel like we’re not alone. We all know the feeling of finding the perfect song and playing it on repeat until our friends tell us to stop. Music transcends social and economic classes- I can listen to Frank Ocean, Brad Pitt can listen to Frank Ocean, and the President can listen to Frank Ocean. We can all all hear and feel the same truths.

Pitt has recently tried therapy to better his mental health.  He notes that this hasn’t been easy- he had to go to two therapists before finding the right one, but nonetheless, really loves it. Pitt also mentions that going to therapy doesn’t necessarily come out of his recent divorce. In the interview, Pitt recalls, “I can’t remember a day since I got out of college when I wasn’t boozing, or had a spliff, or something.” He refers to cigarettes as pacifiers, helping him “run from his feelings.” However, Pitt has worked hard to overcome these addictions. He’s now sober, which has given him more control over his life, or as he puts it, has his feelings “in his fingertips again.”

The conversation then circles back to creativity. Pitt says he’s been spending a lot of time in a friends pottery studio. Creating something helps Pitt sort out his chaotic thoughts. This has been helpful in opening up when he goes through darker times in his life, where he tends to shield his emotions, mask himself and escape. Using creativity helps to remove this mask, little by little.

Pitt’s honesty and insightfulness in this interview makes me appreciate and respect the star beyond his screen performances. His profound level of self awareness and ability to be critical yet uplifting is truly inspiring. Everybody has demons, and none of them go away with fame and money. The only way to truly reach a point of self-love and acceptance is to be open and honest about your problems. With A-listers such as Pitt speaking out about their struggles, hopefully more people will feel comfortable discussing theirs.