Addicted to Juuling

My parents were so angry when they found out about my juul. For those who are unaware, a juul is a vaporizer that is highly addictive and contains nicotine salts and flavored juices such as mint, mango, cucumber, and tobacco. My dad sat me down and explained how bad it was for my lungs and my overall health. However, I ignored my parents, like usual, and continued using my juul, mainly because everyone else was doing it. Little did my parents know, I have had a juul since junior year of high school. I became so dependent on it that I would go to the bathroom between practically every class and hit it. I didn’t even even feel the effects of the juul anymore since I would use it so much; it simply became a comfort thing. I would go through almost a pod every day, which contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Going through the equivalent of seven packs a week, it’s hard to admit but I was most definitely addicted to my juul. When I finally looked at my bank account, I found I was spending $35 every week on this addiction. Therefore, I decided to give up my juul for Lent, a 40 day-long Catholic preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the first day, I tried to go completely without my juul but it was practically impossible--my head hurt so badly and I felt sick to my stomach.

Drug addiction is considered a brain disease because of the constant need to use the drug that alters the structure and functioning of the brain. Many people start using drugs because they believe it will help them feel good or help them do better in their lives. I began juuling because all of my friends did it and I did not want to be left out; this is why teenagers are especially at risk for becoming addicted to juuling. Many people also believe that they can easily control their drug use which is what I also thought until I realized how addicted I actually became. One common sign of addiction is the need to use the drug more frequently which is especially true in my case as I constantly hit my juul throughout the day.  

I realized that I wouldn’t be able to quit all at once, so I decided to slowly wean off of it by using it less and less throughout the day, first only allowing myself to hit it between every few classes instead of all of them. Then, I would leave my juul at home and only hit it when I returned. Now I only use it when I go out at night. Although my addiction made it very difficult to stop hitting my juul whenever I felt the urge to, I have made great progress and my end-goal is to stop using it altogether by the time Lent is over. To everyone out there who is addicted to juuling and wants to stop using it but cannot, hopefully my struggle shows you that it is possible and encourages you to stop using it as well.