Mental health is an issue with which many people struggle, especially those within the student community at the University of Michigan as a result of academic, social and economic pressures. There are many resources on campus that work to tackle these issues. Ironically, however, therein lies the problem: there are too many resources. This can be overwhelming to students and one might not know what steps to take and where to go in times of need. At times, students may face problems, such as inaccessible resources that are difficult to find or not readily available. The goal of Lucretia, one of the University of Michigan’s newest student organizations, is to combat this issue. With an array of mental health oriented events, we hope to help students realize the various resources available to them, and more importantly, we want to provide students with readily available resources so that when people are in need, they can quickly have access to help.

         Founded prior to the summer of 2019, Lucretia’s mission is to both increase the variety and number of resources that are available to students on campus, and to make students more aware of the resources that already exist. We had our first informational mass meeting on September 11th and it was a huge success! With around 50 interested and dedicated members, the semester is going to be packed full of events to spread mental health resources along with fundraising events to ensure the resources we distribute are of no cost to students.

         The different committees within the organization will be meeting in the upcoming weeks to plan for the future of Lucretia. We are currently holding a dorm/room decorating contest (details can be viewed on the Lucretia Instagram page) as the first fundraiser of the semester! If mental health resources and bridging the gap between resources and those who need them are topics you, or anyone you know, are passionate about, then follow us on Instagram @UMLucretia and DM us if you are interested in joining the team!

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