Photo Friday #22


My cat has feline herpes, which means occasionally she’ll have a sneezing fit that lasts a few days. However, this time she managed to rub the skin on her nose raw until it started bleeding. After a few days of it progressively getting worse, I brought her to the vet. Dora hates wearing her cone, but in the three days she’s had it her nose is already almost healed. This was a great reminder for me that sometimes the things and actions that help us most in the long run aren’t always enjoyable or comfortable. When you’re feeling down and the last thing you want to do is leave your house, sometimes you need to go to the gym to keep up your physical health. When you’re sick, sometimes you need to stay in and rest even if your FOMO feels like it’s going to crush you. Don’t prioritize short-term satisfaction over long-term well-being.