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Calm App

While my goal in trying Calm was to improve my sleep, I’ve also been wanting to improve my ability to relax throughout the day, specifically in a way that does not involve screen time. Meditation seemed like the perfect fit, and I enjoyed Calm’s meditation. I felt comfortable breathing, and I successfully allowed myself to be completely immersed in the meditation, temporarily removing myself from all of the extraneous stressors I’d experienced throughout the morning.

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Looking in the Mirror

How often have we looked into the mirror and hated what we’ve seen? You’re in the bathroom, washing your hands at the sink, and you raise your head. You see your face and judgments pour out of you. Somehow your eyes manage to land on every little flaw–every imperfection that you hate. You try your best to fix them, but to no avail. How do you hide that acne, change the shape of your eyes, cover up that eczema? So instead you leave it there, and walk out the bathroom with a slightly more dejected aura than when you entered.

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Self Journal

When I first opened the journal and saw a question asking what I wanted to accomplish in the next thirteen weeks, I was instantly overwhelmed. In thirteen weeks I’ll have graduated college and will be moving to a new city and into an apartment I have yet to find. How am I supposed to make long term goals when I don’t even know the start date of my new job?

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